Covid Testing Prior to Return to School in January

Posted on: December 13th - 2021

Dear Families, 

You may well be aware that the Government are asking all schools to carry out Covid testing of all students prior to their return to school in January.  In order to facilitate this we will be running our testing on Tuesday 4th January and Wednesday 5th January.  All students will therefore return to school on Thursday 6th January – one day later than previously published.

For this round of testing we are inviting half year groups (Years 7-11) or a third of a year group (Years 12 & 13) in for each time slot. It is essential for the smooth running of the day that students arrive on time.  The testing will be taking place in the sports hall.


Also important to note:

  • If students have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 90 days then they are exempt from testing.
  • We will be using the consent records that we gathered in September, if this has changed, please let us know.
  • Students will bring home a bar code that will allow them to register the test with NHS.
  • Parents will be made aware of any positive results but will not be contacted for negative ones.
  • Students will be using the ‘Orient Gene’ (nose only) tests. They will be given a new box of seven tests and will complete one of them in the test centre. The remaining 6 tests will be taken home and used as the twice weekly tests for the first few weeks of the new term.


Tuesday 4th January

7L (forms A-D) – 12pm

7P (forms W-Z) – 12.30pm

8L (forms A-D) – 1.30pm

8P (forms W-Z) – 2pm

Wednesday 5th January

9L (forms A-D) – 8.30am

9P (forms W-Z) – 9am

10L (forms A-D) – 9.30am

10P (forms W-Z) – 10am

11L (forms A-D) – 11am

11P (forms W-Z) – 11.30am

12 (forms A-D)  – 12pm

12 (forms E-H) – 12.30pm

12 (forms J-M) – 1.30pm

13 (forms A-D) –2pm

13 (forms E-H) – 2.30pm

13 (forms J-M) – 3pm


Best wishes, 

Mr B A Jones

Assistant Head Teacher

Langley Park School for Boys 




The full details of the testing schedule will be sent out to you this week but I am giving some advanced warning now of the slightly delayed start in January.

Best wishes,

Mr S. Parsons


Langley Park School for Boys


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