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Amazing Apprenticeships... is a leading organisation in the education sector that promotes the benefits of apprenticeships and technical education through resources and activities for schools, working with employers and policy makers and creating and supporting networks to deliver national projects for young people. They also publish a biannual Higher and Degree apprenticeship vacancies listing of over 1,400 opportunities.

Bunac... can help students with visas, jobs, internships, placements, travel planning, accommodation and more. Established since 1962, Bunac’s ethos is all geared towards discovering new places whilst earning money, having life changing cultural and travel experiences, as well as making new friends.

LinkedIn... is a business and employment -focused social media platform specifically designed to connect individuals and build professional relationships through networking.  The Linkedin profile acts as a digital CV where our students can showcase their work experience, education, skills and accomplishments.  It’s an invaluable resource for job seekers and a platform to showcase students’ individual brands.  Linkedin is the only social media platform that students can access from school.  Over 80% of recruiters use Linkedin in their recruitment process.
National Careers... can help you make career decisions throughout your life -from deciding a education route, planning a career change at any age or getting the job that is right for you.  Students  can set up an account where they can complete the skills health assessment, which will recommend jobs based on  preferences.  Also, a useful website for general advice and job profiles which contain links to further relevant websites.  Apprenticeships can also be applied for through the NCS website based on area and industry.

Scope... support to work employment programme offer a free online and telephone support programme for disabled people who are looking for a paid job.  Support includes support writing CVs, supporting statements and improving interview skills.

Shaw Trust... are committed to creating and delivering high quality employability programmes and other complementary services for people with complex needs, challenging life circumstances or other barriers that impact on access to work.
Springpod... partners with universities and employers to create interactive learning programmes which empower young people to enable them to take their future into their own hands by giving them equal access to opportunity.  Courses include virtual work experience to taster sessions in different industries. All free to access.

UCAS... provides a central service between student applicants and University courses.   All students must submit University and some conservatoire applications through UCAS. For those students wishing to apply for an Apprenticeship, UCAS now has a find an apprenticeship section on their website.  UCAS also provides additional information and careers advice, including preparing for interviews, CV and cover letter guidance and advice about volunteering, internships, and job support. 


Unifrog... helps students compare University courses, Apprenticeships and Further Education courses. Also, a fantastic resource for researching job profiles and subject pathways. All teacher references for university are completed through Unifrog, as well as work experience in Year 10 and 12. Students can also complete short subject-based courses called MOOCS. which can be added to personal statements for University and to enhance job applications and CVs.




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