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Lost Property

The Lost Property Office is situated in the main concourse and is open to students and parents every Tuesday lunchtime (12.50pm-13.40pm).

How the Lost property system works:

  • Named Items

Item is kept at reception and owner is notified by reception staff. 

  • Un-named items

Un-named items are held by the Lost Property Office for a full half term e.g. – items received in the Lost Property Office in October will be disposed of during the Christmas Holidays, whereas items received in November will be disposed of during the February Half term. 

Lost Property Helpful Hints

  • Ensure ALL items of your son’s uniform, sports kits, coat and bag are clearly named; the size / washing labels are checked.
  • Sewn in names or permanent markers are best. An ordinary biro is OK but will need to be checked periodically as it will fade. Anything is better than nothing!
  • Football boots and trainers are best named with a permanent marker either on the tongue or round the base of the heel. Avoid writing on the sole as it normally gets covered in mud.
  • Ties can be named by turning the ‘fat’ end inside out and writing on the white lining.
  • Use your son’s full name; in a school of 1500 boys it’s unlikely your son will be the only one with those initials.
  • When your son loses an item, get them to retrace their steps, sometimes items can take a few weeks / months to arrive in the Lost Property Office.

After the required amount of time all unclaimed items are disposed of as follows:

  • Uniform, sports kit, ‘like new’ boots and trainers to Friends for 2nd Hand Uniform Sale.
  • Shoes, and all other boots and trainers to
  • Coats, non uniform clothing and bags to various high street charity shops.
  • Books to school library.

If you support a specific charity that could use any of the items for fundraising, please advise the Lost Property Office who will seek the necessary approval for donations to your organisation.

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