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Leadership Team & Key Contacts

Leadership Team
Mr S Parsons Headteacher
Mr R Guy Deputy Headteacher
Mr M Ridley Deputy Headteacher
Mr S Edwards Assistant Headteacher
Mr B Jones Assistant Headteacher
Mr W Malyszko Assistant Headteacher
Mrs A Siddell Assistant Headteacher
Mrs L Watts Assistant Headteacher
Heads Of Year
Mr N Jones Head of Year 7
Mr D Matthews Head of Year 8
Mr T Peters Head of Year 9
Mr J Crawford Head of Year 10
Mr L Game Head of Year 11
Mr S Edwards Director of Sixth Form
Mr G Cook  Head of Year 12
Mr T Butterworth Head of Year 13
SEN Department
Mrs J Black               SENCo Assistant
Mrs N Hadaway SEND Team Leader
Mrs M O'Grady Learning Support Manager

Contacting Staff

Should you wish to contact a member of staff please send an e-mail to the address below, marking it for the attention of the teacher concerned.

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