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School Uniform and Essential School Equipment


School Uniform

  • School blazer [maroon] with crest in Years 710. Plain black blazer in Year 11.
  • Plain white shirt.
  • Plain dark grey trousers
  • Plain black leather shoes
  • School tie (Purchased from Reception). Black tie in Year 11.
  • Black or dark grey socks.
  • Maroon pullover with School crest (optional).

We attach great importance, as parents / carers do, to the smart appearance of pupils, both on school premises and when travelling between home and school.  Uniform is compulsory for Years 7-11 and it is School Policy to refuse to admit boys who are not dressed in accordance with the arrangements set out below.  Boys who are dressed incorrectly will be sent home to change.

The wearing of jewellery, e.g. rings, studs or earrings, is forbidden and we count on your support in seeking to limit unconventional styles of haircut and fashion. Styles and variations are constantly changing and cannot be foreseen. Extreme haircuts, in terms of length and style, are not permitted.  Non-conformity in appearance and with uniform regulations will be viewed as a breach of school dress requirements.  We are particularly strict on enforcing our footwear regulations and do not permit the wearing of training shoes or boot-type footwear.

School tie

The maroon Langley Park School for Boys tie is compulsory for boys in Years 7-10 and is only obtainable from Reception.

Essential School Equipment

  • Pens (ink rollerball or cartridge pens, not ballpoint biros)
  • Glue stick
  • Pencils
  • Pair of compasess
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Protractor
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Coloured pencils
  • Calculator
  • School safety scissors
  • D&T apron
All items should be clearly marked with your son's name.

Please see below details of the uniform for students:

LPSB-Uniform-List.pdfThe Langley Park School for Boys Uniform Shop is our appointed school outfitter and is located on the school campus.  When visiting the uniform shop, please report to Reception who will direct you if you are not familiar with the location.  Ties can also be purchased from Reception in cases of emergency. 
Uniform shop term time opening hours: 

  • Tuesday and Thursday from 12 - 2pm
  • Saturday 10am - 12pm
  • Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays

Appointments are available on request.

The school uniform shop is open for general purchase, however, the shop are still offering their click and collect service.  To place an order please visit their website.

Should you need any further help, please do email the shop directly or call Ray Sturdy on 07763151384.


Items of clothing which have been outgrown but not outworn are always welcomed by the Friends of Langley Park (the School's PTA) and may be left at reception at any time for re-sale. 

Any suitable items of pre-loved uniform will be available for re-sale at various functions throughout the year, including parents meetings and events. 

Please email the Friends of Langley Park for more information on second-hand uniform sales.

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