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Reading at LPSB

We recognise that reading is central to the delivery of our vision and values.

Through use of class readers and The Day in tutor periods, and subject specific reading in all subjects, students are exposed to a wide range of reading material throughout our curriculum.

The Day

The Day is an online daily newspaper for young people. Each day they publish articles on the most current issues shaping our world. All resources are designed to help students learn critical thinking, real-world knowledge and civic engagement.

Students use these resources in their tutor periods and subject lessons, but students and families can also be reading articles at home too. Content is available for students from KS3-5.

You can access the website by simply clicking here – no login details needed.

KS3 Reading Meeting

In this video for families, you can find information about:

  • why it is important for all students to read regularly, and the range of ways reading will benefit them,
  • details of the things we are doing in school to support students with reading,
  • how we assess students’ reading ability and an explanation of the data families will be receiving,
  • suggestions for ways that families can support students with their reading at home,
  • an overview of our subscription to online newspaper, ‘The Day,’ and how this can be accessed from home.

Please see below details of the books included in the Recommended Reading List for Key Stage 3 students:


Please see below details of the books included in the Year 10 Reading Programme '16 before 16' and the poster with further information on the programme:


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