Arts Colours Awards 2020

Posted on: October 9th - 2020

Last week, the following year 11, 12 and 13 students received arts colours for their contribution to the visual and performing arts at the school in a special presentation from the Headteacher.

Year 11

Lewis Anderson           11Z

Danik Cady                  11Y

Adam Daikhi                11A

Evan Hogan                 11B

Luke Kendrick              11Y

Joe Newton                  11C

Alex Owens                  11A

Lewis Powell                11X

Harry Roberts              11C

Freddie Rose               11A

Zak Rowley                 11Y

Archie Smith                11A

Oscar Spink                 11D

Sammy Taylor              11D

Nathan Young              11B


Year 12

Zac Bates Fisher           12C

James Burden               12Y

Jacob Byfield                 12W

Alex Gibson                   12Y

Ben Kolicic                     12Y

Davide Leferla               12B

Milo Sheldon                 12Z

William Webb                12Z


Year 12

Rebecca Aldred                        13K

Chloe Ellis                                13D

Bella Evans                              13F

Kate Gauntlett                          13M

Ayana Jackson                         13H

Chiara Laferla                           13A

Rachel McDonogh-Small          13A

Anna Murphy-O’Connor            13C

Maddie Norton                          13E

Sana Rahman                           13J      

Jennifer Sanni                           13F


Special mention should be made of the three students who achieved double colours for their contribution to two areas of the arts.

Double Arts Colours

Imtiaz Miah                  11A

Matthew Smales           12E

Owen Thomas              12C


Below are two presentational videos showcasing the work of some of the colours recipients. 

Well done to them all!

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