Face Coverings in School

Posted on: September 1st - 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Re: Face coverings in school

Further to the announcements made by the Government last Friday and a review of the context and practices in place in our school, I am writing to confirm the updated arrangements we will be putting in place regarding the wearing of face masks/coverings in schools in communal areas.

We will be implementing the following from Wednesday 2nd September: 

  • All students will be expected to have a face mask/face covering with them in school 
  • Students will be expected to wear a face mask/covering when moving between lessons and through communal areas of the school (corridors)
  • They will be allowed to remove them once inside a lesson or in their allocated break and lunchtime area.

Nationwide, while the government is not recommending face coverings are necessary, schools have the discretion to require face coverings in communal areas where it is right in a school’s particular circumstances.

We have already taken steps to reduce student movement around our school buildings, to establish year group bubbles and allocated spaces for break and lunch. Almost all movement around the buildings will be supervised in order to reduce risk. There are also a wider system of controls are in place to protect students and staff, including handwashing and enhanced cleaning. However, given that mask wearing is now compulsory in shops and on public transport, it seems logical that in moving between spaces in school, masks should also be worn as a way of making school as safe an environment as possible.

We hope that students, parents and carers will support this decision in the interests of keeping all members of our school community safe, especially students and staff members who may be more vulnerable. 

It is not deemed necessary to wear face coverings in the classroom, where protective measures already mean the risks are lower, and where they can inhibit learning. It is recognised, however, that it may be appropriate for some students to wear a face covering in lessons, where advised by a health professional or where they feel more comfortable doing so. We will, of course, support students wearing them in these circumstances. There may also be some staff who require students to wear masks in their lessons and we ask for your support where that is the case.

Face coverings should be: 

  • plain in appearance, no logos or motifs 
  • stored in a plastic bag (which can be closed) in a child’s pocket or school bag 
  • washed/replaced regularly (it is recommended that this is daily, in hot soapy water) 
  • used appropriately  
  • Single use masks are just that and their use is expensive for you and harmful to the environment.

We trust our students to adapt to these new practices sensibly as they have all the other measures that have been implemented.

Our practices and decision regarding the wearing of face masks/coverings in communal areas (outside year group bubbles) will be kept under review, especially in light of any updated local or national guidance from government and/or changes to transmission in the local area.

Please remember: students will be required to wear face coverings in shops and when using public transport.

Thank you for your support of us and the schools over the coming weeks and throughout 2020-21.

Yours sincerely,


Mr S. Parsons


Langley Park School for Boys



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