Year 8 Trip to Manschau, Germany

Posted on: December 3rd - 2019

Last week Year 8 German students spent some very festive days in Monschau, Germany. 

This year's 'Man of Monschau' James Killick in 8Y had the following to say about the trip.

Monschau 2019 

On Tuesday the 26th of November, we left LPSB for a trip that we’ll remember for ever or at least a while! Hopes were high as we left England to find our ‘castle on the hill’ (Ed Sheeran song). The overnight journey was interesting to say the least. We were all able to get rest before our packed first day in Germany. After much German cuisine, cathedral visits, market visiting and cinema viewing, our first day was complete. We began our 15 minute climb (which felt like hours) with our suitcases to get to a bed for the night. Sweaty and tired, we ate dinner, showered and got into bed. 

Thursday morning we awoke at 7:30 followed by an 8:00 breakfast to fill our stomachs. Each day a group (of 10) was responsible for setting the table and another group clearing up. We trekked back down the hill to get on our way to Cologne, which (interestingly) had some of the most ... unique smells on the trip. We arrived and scaled an extremely tall spire thus conquering many students’ fear of heights. To bring a bit of London culture into Germany we decided to eat McDonalds for lunch. Trips to the chocolate and sports museums provided real insight into the German way of food manufacturing and physical activities. Speaking of physical activity, we then went to an ice rink to expend all of our spare energy before eating our wonderful dinner. Currywurst (which translates to curry and sausage) was on the menu that evening followed by a lot of water to cool our mouths down (or my mouth anyway). We got on the coach and trekked back up the hill before showering and going to bed. 

We got up on the last day and stripped the sheets off our beds, made packed lunches and packed our bags for the journey home. After a thorough clear out of the hostel, we travelled down to the Monschau markets and Christmas shops where many souvenirs for family and friends were bought. After 2 hours of ‘browsing’ we got on the coach and headed home. 

A big thank you to (in no specific order) Mr Peters, Miss Miller, Mr Batten and Miss Cummins for helping out on the trip and a huge thanks to Miss Snell for investing months of time to give us the best possible experience in Germany. Also thanks to Steve (our coach driver) for keeping us safe during our travels. 

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