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Remote Reading Challenge

The Remote Reading Challenge


What is the Remote Reading Challenge?

We are challenging all students and families to spend the next few weeks reading as much as they can!

Each week, students and families will be invited to record the number of pages they have read for pleasure that week. 

• Anyone who enters their number of pages two weeks in a row will receive a bronze award. 

• Anyone who finishes a book and submits a review will receive a silver award.

• Anyone who reads and reviews three books in a row will receive a gold award.

Book reviews can be in any format you like: write it by hand and submit a photo, type it as a word document, make a video, sing a song – it’s entirely up to you. Reviews can be a maximum of 100 words. 

At the end of this half term, we will total up the numbers of pages students and families have read and the total number of awards. 

Prizes will go to:

• the individual students with the highest total number of pages and awards 

• the family with the highest total number of pages and awards, 

• the tutor groups with the highest total number of pages and awards. N.B. Form Tutors can also get involved and add their totals to their Form Group’s totals!

• and the individuals who submit the most innovative book reviews.

How can we get involved?

Simply click on the link in each of Mr Parsons’ weekly newsletters and enter your name, tutor group, total number of pages and whether or not you’ve prepared a review.

If you’ve prepared a review, it should be sent to Mrs Niblock/Ms Loades, our fantastic school librarians who will be keeping track of all of the entries made by students and families. ( or 

What Should I Read?

You may have books that you can read over the next few weeks. But, if you are not sure where to start the lists below have some suggestions for you. Years 7 & 8 have the recommended lists from their Reading Challenge Booklets; Year 9 we have put together a list just for you and families/staff – why not start with our list of the literary world’s recommended reading?

Click on the links below for the reading lists. 

Year 7 

Year 8 

Year 7/8 further suggestions

Year 9 

Year 12 Elements of Crime Reading 


Or whatever you like! The focus is on reading for pleasure.

If you need some inspiration, why not check out the Carnegie shortlists for recent years or the BBC’s ‘Big Read – Top 100’ 

Why take part?

Multiple studies have shown that reading has an impact upon learning in school and overall outcomes: “children between the ages of 10 and 16 who read for pleasure make more progress, not only in vocabulary and spelling but also in maths, than those who rarely read” (Sullivan & Brown, 2013). 

Reading for pleasure has been associated not only with increases in reading attainment, but also with writing ability, comprehension, grammar, breadth of vocabulary, self‐confidence, general knowledge, a better understanding of other cultures, community participation, and decision‐making. (Clark & Rumbold, 2006; Howard, 2011).

And, perhaps most importantly, because it’s fun!

What if I haven’t got any books at home?

Why not make use of the online services offered by Bromley Library? All you need is a Bromley Library Card number and a pin number.

Once you have a library card number and pin, you can download the Libby app for free access to ebooks, eMagazines and eComics. Simply add your library (search for Better Libraries Consortium and then choose Bromley Library) and enter your library card number and PIN to borrow an eBook.

Not a member or still unsure – use our guide here 

You can also create a free account for the Open Library at which will grant you access to hundreds of ebooks for free.

Further Assistance Needed

If you need any help logging your pages, accessing books online, or suggestions for what to read, or have any questions, please email our school librarians: Mrs Niblock and Ms Loades