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Meet The Governors

Meet The Governors

The Langley Park School for Boys Academy Trust owns the school, and every year receives substantial public funds to provide the best education possible for its pupils. In return, it is directly accountable to the Department for Education. To fulfill these responsibilities, it has a Board of Governors which employs the Head teacher and all the staff. The governors are responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring that the school delivers a high standard of education to all students.
  • Monitoring the performance of the school.
  • Supporting the head teacher and the senior leaders in the school and challenging them when necessary.
  • Ensuring that the school remains in good financial health and has robust accounting system.

The Board of Governors has 15 people who between them have the full range of skills and experience to fulfill its responsibilities. This includes people from the local community who are appointed for their particular expertise, parents and staff. All non-staff governors give their time voluntarily and work very closely with Mr. Parsons and the staff at the school.  The Board delegates most of its responsibilities to the Head Teacher, who, in turn, provides most of the advice to the Board. The Board also commissions specialist advisers when required in order to ensure it carries out its responsibilities to the highest standards.

We would like parents and the community to know more about our work as governors. We have just launched a new blog where we'll share what we're doing and you can add your comments. You can also find more about who we are and read answers to some of the questions parents often ask us.

To contact the governors directly with any questions, or to find out how to get involved, please email us We really welcome your feedback and interest and will reply as soon we can!

The full Board of Governors, chaired by Andrea Carr, meets every term. At these meetings, and in the preparation for them, the Board provides the overall strategic direction for Langley Park School for Boys, ensures proper monitoring and evaluation of progress towards these goals, supports the Head Teacher and fulfils the collective role of a critical friend to the leadership of the school. The Board also monitors its own performance and fitness for purpose, holding itself to the highest standard.  Key Board responsibilities are delegated to the following committees:

The Teaching & Learning Committee, chaired by Andrea Carr, provides oversight of the efficient planning, delivery and evaluation of the educational services – notably the quality of teaching, pupils’ achievement and pupils’ behaviour and safety.

The Resources Committee, chaired by David Appleton, ensures sound management of the Academy Trust’s finances and resources, including proper planning, monitoring and probity. It also provides assurance that the school’s regulatory systems are robust, fit for purpose and properly implemented.

The People and Community Committee, chaired by Siân Henderson, ensures that there is effective communication and engagement with parents, staff and students. It also has responsibility for overseeing the school's special educational needs provision and the safeguarding of students within the school.

Other committees meet as necessary, and include the Pupil Discipline Committee, Admissions Committee, Senior Staff Remuneration Committee, Complaint Appeal Panel and Staffing Appeal Committee. Minutes of the Full Governing body meetings are available on request.